HAZGO is a highly specialised logistics service provider based at Brussels Airport with offices across the globe. HAZGO is a trusted partner of leading brands, companies, government agencies and NGOs around the world, providing logistic solutions across four core divisions: dangerous goods, R&D samples, disease control and IVF logistics.

HAZGO recently took delivery of two of LEVC’s electric VN5 vans, which will support its existing fleet at its operations centre in Brucargo – the logistics hub of Brussels airport for national deliveries in and around Belgium.


Being able to drive on electric power alone throughout Belgium, while also having the reassurance of long-haul capabilities was hugely important to HAZGO. Often carrying large and heavy loads that can impact on total vehicle range of pure electric vehicles, HAZGO’s logistics requirements meant that the VN5’s range-extender technology meant that drivers could be reassured they could make important deliveries on time.


Tom Heymans, Managing Partner of HAZGO, said: “We have been looking for a sustainable alternative for our vans for some time, but that turned out to be less obvious than expected for freight transport. However, with the VN5 from LEVC, HAZGO has found the ideal combination between sustainability and efficiency.”

The VN5’s powertrain delivers a pure electric zero-emission range of 64 miles (102 km) when needed and has a total flexible range of 319 miles (513km). With the additional range VN5 offers, HAZGO drivers can make journeys without stopping and charging, however even when they do need to top up, the VN5 can be charged in just 30 minutes.


With up to 5.5m3 capacity, VN5 cargo capacity easily accommodates two Euro sized pallets and offers a gross payload of up to 830kg. It is built with a large side-loading door (enabling a pallet to be side-loaded) and a 60/40 split door at the rear to make loading and unloading easy for HAZGO personnel. VN5 also comes with a class-leading turning circle of just 10.1m, giving unrivalled manoeuvrability in busy city environments.