LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) continues its ambitious European growth strategy by announcing the appointment of three new dealers in Spain full sales and aftersales support for LEVC’s breakthrough electric TX Taxi, TX Shuttle, and VN5 Van.

white taxi in Madrid

Opening in Bilbao, Malaga and Valencia, the new franchises extend LEVC’s reach in Spain to now five centres, following the appointment earlier in 2021 of Ronda 15 in Barcelona and Auto Elia in Madrid.

“In April 2021, the Spanish government stepped up a gear, introducing a range of measures, including financial initiatives, to promote rapid growth in the EV sector by aiming to place five million EVs on Spain’s roads by 2030. Now, the timing is perfect for growing our business further and reaching new customers in Bilbao, Malaga and Valencia, through a strong partnership that harnesses the expertise, enthusiasm and experience of the highly regarded Carwagen Group, Vedat Group, and Vypsa group.”

Joerg Hofmann, LEVC CEO, commented:

A green wave is set to engulf taxi and commercial vehicle fleets across Europe as drivers and operators seek out more sustainable mobility solutions. The European Green Deal provides an additional driving factor, with its goal of establishing one million charging points on the continent by 2025 and ensuring a minimum of 30 million zero-emission vehicles on Europe’s roads by 2030. LEVC is ideally placed to take advantage of the most significant transformation the mobility sector has ever seen. In addition, the company’s innovative eCity technology delivers a solution to keep vehicles on the road, driving in fully electric mode, even when the next charging point may still be a little further than ideal.

“We are looking forward to seeing the iconic London black cab ferrying passengers around the streets of Valencia. Along with the VN5 van, it will help accelerate Spain’s commercial vehicle market towards sustainable mobility. The Vedat Group is proud to have been selected by LEVC to be part of the journey and we are eager to introduce our customers to the LEVC range. Given our ambitious sales trajectory and experience, we are confident that we can contribute significantly to LEVC’s growth across Europe.”

Jose Miñano, Managing Director, Vedat Group (Valencia), said:

Thanks to eCity technology, LEVC’s TX Taxis, TX Shuttles and VN5 Vans eliminate range anxiety whilst minimising emissions and optimising efficiency, convenience and profitability. The TX Taxi offers a pure electric, zero-emission range of 64 miles (103km), backed up by the reassurance of a totally electric driven range of up to 318 miles (512 km). This flexibility enables drivers to leverage the vehicle’s benefits of generous space for six passengers, a comfortable, relaxing ride and wheelchair access, for a complete duty cycle, without the need to stop and recharge the battery, thanks to the on-board range extender.


“In our more than 50 years of history we from the Carwagen group, have always been committed to innovation. We are proud to be able to contribute to the expansion and development of this great brand in the North of Spain hand in hand with LEVC. We believe that the future of urban transport must be sustainable and no one better than The London EV Company (LEVC), manufacturer of the legendary London taxi, which has the exclusive range extender technology, is able to undertake this change. We trust and are fully convinced of being a fundamental pillar in the implementation of these innovative vehicles, which fit perfectly with our company philosophy.”

Marta Prieto, CEO of Carwagen (Bilbao), expressed:

The VN5 Van, which facilitates a gross payload of 830kg and shares the same lightweight aluminium construction and advanced eCity technology as the TX Taxi, offers drivers a pure EV range of over 63 miles (102km), boosted by the range-extender to more than 318 miles (513km).

Using a rapid 50kW, both the LEVC TX Taxi and VN5 Van batteries can be recharged to 80% capacity in around 30 minutes.

“Vypsa is firmly and decisively committed to this new brand, because it is going to provide the taxi and industrial sectors with highly efficient energy-saving and environmentally friendly vehicles. We are sure that these vehicles will have a fantastic acceptance by customers and will soon become a benchmark in their sector.”

Francisco López, Managing Director Vypsa (Malaga) said:

Customers in Spain can take advantage of several government subsidies intended to improve the uptake of electric vehicles. The MOVES III incentive is subject to a maximum government-funded injection of up to €800 million to make electric vehicles more affordable for private motorists and businesses. As a result of the MOVES III scheme, buyers can receive up to €9,000 off the purchase price of a new electric van. In addition, the Spanish government has announced the Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation (PERTE) of Electric and Connected Vehicles, to establish 250,000 registered electric vehicles and between 80,000-110,000 charging points across the network by 2023. In September 2021 Spain experienced a 24% growth in sales of EVs compared with the same month in 2020.

“"LEVC is delighted to welcome Vedat, Carwagen and Vypsa groups to our rapidly expanding European network of dealers. With their experience of retail and aftersales service in the taxi and commercial sectors and their vision of establishing a sustainable mobility future, all of them represent ideal partners for LEVC. Thanks to the new operations in Bilbao, Malaga and Valencia, LEVC is now represented across a significant geographical sector of Spain.””

Jorge Susaeta, Head of Operations LEVC, said: