TX Taxi in black


Powered by Supagard, LEVC Protect exterior and interior protection products help keep your electric vehicle in showroom condition.

LEVC Protect is available as a paint protection service administered through our network of trained technicians* or as high quality stand-alone cleaning products. It also includes upholstery protection to keep your vehicle’s interior in the best condition.

(Currently LEVC Protect is a UK only product supplied by Supagard.)

What is Paint Protection?

Over time your vehicle can become damaged by harsh environmental factors such as atmospheric fallout, ultra violet rays, acid rain and bird droppings, which contribute to fade and corrosion. LEVC Protect paint protection leaves your vehicle with a tough, high gloss barrier which bonds to the paintwork and seals the surface, protecting it for longer against environmental factors.

LEVC Protect package*

LEVC Protect package includes:

  • Professionally applied latest-generation paint sealant
  • Professionally applied interior and upholstery preserver (cloth or vinyl)
  • Complete Aftercare kit

*available at participating dealers.


Top up products

A range of high-quality cleaning products designed to make looking after your vehicle quick, easy and enjoyable. The range includes waterless wash, dash enhancer, a powerful spray air freshener and deodouriser and more.


*LEVC Protect paint protection service is available at participating dealers only.

**RRP including VAT. Individual Retailer prices may vary. Additional shipping costs may apply. Where purchased as an aftermarket accessory, price does not include fitting.