Paying for servicing via a regular Direct Debit means drivers can avoid ‘till shock’ of larger one-off payments by budgeting for the expense of scheduled maintenance & smooth out the variability between the costs of service at different intervals.

Service plans offer protection from inflation by freezing the cost of servicing for the duration of the plan, so if prices rise the customer still pay today’s rate.

Predictable plans that protect you from unexpected bills landing at inconvenient times.

A full service history to maintain your taxi’s future resale value.

By signing-up to a Service Plan, customers benefit from a 10% reduction in the standard labour rate.

Affordable aftercare planning tailored to your personal circumstances.

Our flexible service plans are available on all TX and TX4 Euro 6 taxis.


What is a Service Plan?

A Service Plan lets you spread the cost of your servicing with a monthly direct payment, just like you would pay your usual household bills. You can also pay for the Service Plan in full, should you wish to do so. ​

What is included?

Your Service Plan covers the cost of your scheduled Motor Servicing, covering parts and labour. It ​excludes anything not listed in the scheduled service.

What if I wish to cancel?

If your circumstances change, and you wish to cancel your plan, you can do. Simply contact us with your policy details and a refund of the remaining balance will be transferred to your account.  ​

Is the plan transferable?

Yes. If you change your vehicle, then any unused payments can be transferred from your old Service Plan to a new one. Contact us to arrange a plan transfer.​

What happens if my annual mileage increases/decreases from when the Service Plan policy was set up?

​If your mileage increases, please contact EMaC, and they can recalculate your direct debit payments to ensure sufficient funds have accrued before your next service due date. If you don’t do this, then you may be required to pay a top-up when the service on your vehicle is carried out. If your mileage decreases, you can have your vehicle serviced when required with no top-up payment required.

Can I go to any LEVC Member for my service?

​Absolutely. You will be able to book your service at any LEVC Approved Service Dealer.

Is my money safe?

Yes. Your money is completely safe as it is held in a Client Trust Fund that is only accessed when EMaC arrange to make a payment to a specific garage in relation to a service that has been carried out.