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LEVC Telematics can revolutionise the way you manage your business. This technology provides fleets and operators with vital data such as mileage trends, driver behaviours, maximum speeds and battery state of charge.


Learn which factors affect energy consumption and vehicle wear and tear, to influence your driver’s behaviour for the better.

Monitor their driving performance in terms of braking, speed, acceleration and anticipatory driving.

Review traffic violations, seatbelt use, idling times, driving duration and more.

LEVC Telematics translates all this data into a driver scorecard, so you and your driver can clearly see where savings can be achieved at-a-glance, and where proactive coaching can help avoid distractions or potential collisions.


Optimise your journeys, plan routes and nominate delivery or pick-up points. Add close monitoring zones and alerts. Optimise routes at the touch of a button or manually.

View trip histories with a breadcrumb trail to assess productivity. Analyse vehicles individually or the entire fleet to better understand day-to-day activities and reveal areas for improvement.

Improve your fleet’s utilisation, with the ability to dispatch drivers in real-time. Send new jobs, pick-ups and drop-offs or entire routes direct to your vehicles and enhance productivity even more with Garmin integration.

Allow real-time data to help you react to traffic and last-minute schedule changes. Importantly, you can monitor EV battery status and assign the best vehicle to the job.

Capture robust data on collisions with reports on acceleration, engine status, fuel consumption and more. See what happened before an accident and even the force of impact.


Identify issues before they become a problem with sensors that monitor the health of your vehicle.

Eliminate unnecessary inspection time and costs and receive emails with specific engine fault codes.

Receive alerts for scheduled servicing so this can be planned in well in advance to avoid unplanned stops, giving you maximum asset availability.


Review energy and fuel consumption to stay informed on typical range and insight into battery use.

Identify how often the vehicle is driven on pure electric energy and when the petrol range-extender is deployed, which drive modes are most commonly used and when, to ensure these are used in the most efficient way.

Utilise EV charging reports which reveal the complete charging history. See when, where and how long vehicles are charging.

Use map tracking functionality to show real-time battery percentages. Avoid dispatching a vehicle with insufficient charge or see who’ll be ready soonest.


Get even more from your telematics experience. Choose from hundreds of additional solutions developed by trusted and accredited partners. All apps seamlessly integrate inside the platform making it more intuitive, more empowering, and built just for you.


Compare your fleet directly with others of a similar size, operating area and business model.

Turn your data into an advantage, deliver measurable value at-a-glance and see where you can reduce expenditure.

Whether public sector, construction or utilities, every industry can benefit from LEVC Telematics connected by Geotab. This solution gives you the power to operate a smarter business. Make informed decisions to improve safety, measure standards, streamline your business and reduce your environmental impact. The savings, customer satisfaction and results will speak for themselves.

*A 12 month subscription to LEVC Telematics costs £300 + VAT.