LEVC products are classified as Range Extended Electric Vehicles (REEV). They can be described as Battery Electric Vehicles – driven exclusively by electricity – that feature an additional on-board generator (a small 1.5 litre petrol engine), known as a Range Extender. This provides greater usability and flexibility than pure electric operation.

When required, the Range Extender recharges the Drive Battery, which in turn powers the electric Drive Motor that drives the wheels.

Always electrically driven, there is no connection between the Range-Extender and the electric Drive Motor. The Range Extender only acts as a power source to provide electricity to the Drive Battery, extending the driving range.

Always electrically-driven



(eCity Technology)







Range Extended Electric Vehicle

Battery Electric Vehicle

Plug-In Parallel Hybrid

Hybrid or Self-Charging Hybrid

Mild Hybrid

Internal Combustion Engine

(Petrol or Diesel)

Primary energy source



Petrol (or Diesel)

Petrol (or Diesel)

Petrol (or Diesel)

Petrol (or Diesel)

Secondary Energy Source



100% of energy sourced from fossil fuels

100% of energy sourced from fossil fuels

100% of energy sourced from fossil fuels

What drives the wheels?

Electric Motor 

Electric Motor 

Petrol Engine & Electric Motor

Petrol Engine

Petrol Engine

Petrol Engine

Only two technologies use electricity as their primary source of energy –

including LEVC eCity technology.





Greater flexibility

Great Usability

Proven eCity technology removes the number one worry of EV ownership – range-anxiety – while delivering greater operational freedom.


Pure EV Range

Total Flexible Range


78 miles*

333 miles*


73 miles*

308 miles*

intuitive drive modes

Pure EV

Disables the range extender and uses only electric power, producing zero-emissions.

A very effective option for inner-city driving.

If your battery becomes depleted, an indicator will advise the driver to select a different driving mode. This mode is only available when the battery has sufficient charge.


The default operating mode, operates the vehicle in the most efficient way by depleting the battery as much as possible before engaging the range extender.

In this mode the vehicle intuitively activities the range extender as the battery charge decreases.

It is particularly useful for longer intercity journeys, driving at higher speeds where pure-electric propulsion is less efficient.


Activates the range extender to conserve the battery’s charge at its current level, for use at a later time.

Using Save mode, a driver could commute to the city using the range extender and reserve their battery energy for emission-free driving in the city.

Better for the

Bottom line

eCity technology helps deliver real commercial benefits for owners. Significant fuel savings vs comparable Internal Combustion Engine models, long service intervals, low maintenance and servicing requirements, admission to clean air zones, strong residual and resale value. The savings really add up.

Owner feedback

“Even I was shocked to find my fuel costs have fallen from 23p per mile (TX4 Euro6) to 8.31p per mile (in the TX). Meaning a saving on 10,000 miles would be a massive £1469.00…I couldn’t be happier”

“Best cab there is, saving a fortune and not doing extra hours to do it.”

“First week shift finished…last week fuel bill was £165 this week it’s £50 (£22.00 electric £28.00 petrol) saved £115”

*Pure EV (electric-only) range 78.1 miles in accordance with EAER Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) figures (January 2023). These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle loads.

** Total flexible range of 308.4 and pure EV range of 73.4 miles, official EAER (Equivalent All Electric Range) figure, achieved under WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure) test conditions.