On the right path

Sensors mounted in the windscreen watch the road markings ahead and should the vehicle begin to drift out of its lane without indicating, the driver is alerted to avoid a possible collision.

Forward warning

Sensors help identify potential dangers on the road ahead. If a collision risk is identified the Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system alerts you with an audible warning and message on the display console.

If no action is taken and the potential collision is likely, the Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) system applies the brakes automatically to prevent impact.

The AEB system not only reacts to solid objects like other vehicles, but can also spot vulnerable road users like pedestrians or cyclists.

Road Sign Recognition

This allows you to view the important information and instructions shown on road signs through the driver’s instrument panel, enhancing awareness by making it easier to stay informed of current regulations and warnings. When activated, road sign recognition also updates the speed limiter accordingly – if in use.

Greater control

TX & VN5 feature the full complement of stability and braking systems expected of a modern vehicle, including electronic stability control (ESC), anti-lock braking (ABS), and emergency brake assist (EBA).​

ESC – brakes individual wheels independently to correct a skid and keep the vehicle moving in the intended direction.

ABS – prevents loss of control by applying the maximum braking effort available, without locking the wheel and skidding.

EBA – recognises an emergency situation and automatically amplifies the driver’s input to generate maximum braking force.

Stress free parking

Available as standard, rear parking sensors emit an audible and visual warnings to alert you when reversing if an object is too close. If no response is taken, again autonomous braking is applied to prevent impact.

An optional high-definition colour reversing camera shows what’s behind you on a screen built into the centre console helping avoid objects while maneuvering backwards.

Collision protection

Drivers are protected by a large 60-litre front airbag to cushion the head and chest, as well as a 15-litre side airbag that works in conjunction with the curtain airbag to protect in the event of a frontal or side impact.

Two full-length curtain airbags that span the passenger compartment to protect passengers’ head and upper torso.

All airbags can fully inflate in just 30 milliseconds, 1/10 of the time it takes to blink.

Help on hills

Hill Start Assist system makes hill starts easy by automatically applying the brakes when you stop on a hill. As you deploy the accelerator, the brakes releases and you’ll pull away smoothly.

Automatic headlamp adjustment

The automatic headlamp level will assist in ensuring the driver has full visibility of the road at all times. A self-levelling system keeps the headlights aimed down at the road no matter the position, and the ultra-bright low energy LED lights have been built to last the life of the vehicle.

Cruise control

Cruise control allows the current speed to be effortlessly maintained, while the speed limiter function prevents the vehicle from accidentally exceeding the pre-set speed.

Safety outside & in

The rigid aluminium body structure and composite exterior were designed from the outset to deliver saftey.

The bonded body structure ensures consistent strength, more than as strong as an equivalent welded joint. While the aluminium body, pound for pound, can absorb twice as much impact energy as steel.