Watch the TX Access at Thurlaston Meadows Care Home.

TX Access – More Than Just a Black Cab.

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TX Access Transforming the transportation at Thurlaston Meadows Care Home.

Thurlaston Meadows, a residential care home located in Warwickshire, faced a difficult decision when it needed to find a new company vehicle to transport its residents to appointments, functions, and excursions.

Its current company car was aging, not fit for purpose, and with many of its residents in wheelchairs, the options were limited. The team needed a vehicle solution that was modern, accessible, easy to drive, comfortable, and would meet the home’s environmental targets.

After seeing LEVC’s electric TX taxi drive out on the roads, Jonathan Perry, Financial Director at Thurlaston Meadows, was inspired. He contacted LEVC and was delighted to discover the ideal solution for the care home’s needs in the form of the TX Access.

“We chose the TX Access for a number of reasons. One was its iconic look as we knew that it would stand out, but the main reason was its wheelchair accessibility with the built-in ramp. The ramp can turn into a step, so if someone needs help getting in without a wheelchair, they can easily get in. We can quickly get a wheelchair in, secure it, and get other passengers into the car as well.”

With transportation being a pivotal part of supporting residents, the impact the TX Access has had on the residents and staff at Thurlaston Meadows has been transformational.