The LEVC TX ACCESS is designed to meet the requirements of many healthcare users, through its unique design and configuration, whilst helping trusts achieve their CO2 targets without the range anxiety issues common with other electric vehicles.

Its revolutionary eCity drivetrain delivers zero-emissions urban operation and total flexibility without compromise, meeting the needs of drivers and cities alike. Proven eCity technology removes the number one worry of EV ownership – range-anxiety – while delivering greater operational freedom.

Watch how the LEVC TX Access could be the perfect solution for your patient transport needs:

Transforming transportation at Thurlaston Meadows Care Home with TX Access

Thurlaston Meadows, a residential care home located in Warwickshire, faced a difficult decision when it needed to find a new company vehicle to transport its residents to appointments, functions, and excursions.

Its current company car was aging, not fit for purpose, and with many of its residents in wheelchairs, the options were limited. The team needed a vehicle solution that was modern, accessible, easy to drive, comfortable, and would meet the home’s environmental targets.

After seeing LEVC’s electric TX taxi drive out on the roads, Jonathan Perry, Financial Director at Thurlaston Meadows, was inspired. He contacted LEVC and was delighted to discover the ideal solution for the care home’s needs in the form of the TX Access.

“We needed a car that would be suitable for taking our residents out and about, as we have many who are in wheelchairs. I contacted LEVC and they told me about the TX Access. We took delivery of it in MONTH and we absolutely love it,” Perry says.

The TX Access is a modified version of LEVC’s class-leading TX taxi, taking advantage of the platform’s unparalleled interior space and offering complete accessibility. The TX Access has been meticulously designed to be fully wheelchair accessible. It features a direct access ramp that folds away into the floorspace, ensuring swift deployment. Additionally, a large door aperture provides easy entry for wheelchair users.

The interior of the TX Access is large enough to effortlessly rotate a wheelchair into a forward-facing position. Compliant with ISO 10542 standards, a comprehensive restraint system allows wheelchair users to remain securely seated throughout the journey, alongside other rear occupants. The completely flat floor, covered in slip-resistant material, further ensures stability and safety.

TX Access’s total accessibility and premium interior space were key to Thurlaston Meadows choosing the vehicle, says Jonathan.

“We chose the TX Access for a number of reasons. One was its iconic look as we knew that it would stand out, but the main reason was its wheelchair accessibility with the built-in ramp. The ramp can turn into a step, so if someone needs help getting in without a wheelchair, they can easily get in. We can quickly get a wheelchair in, secure it, and get other passengers into the car as well.”

With transportation being a pivotal part of supporting residents, the impact the TX Access has had on the residents and staff at Thurlaston Meadows has been transformational.

Amy Harrison, Events Planner at Thurlaston Meadows Care Home explains: “It means we can go on more trips with the residents and offer a lot more variety in terms of where we go too. Transport is a significant cost when it comes to taking our residents out, which we would normally have to raise funds to cover. Now, with the TX Access, we don’t have to worry about the transport cost. It’s made life so much easier.”

TX Access, which is powered by LEVC’s revolutionary eCity drivetrain, offers unmatched flexibility, by combining a petrol and an electric motor, providing a total range of 333 miles, with a pure EV range of 78 miles. The staff at Thurlaston Meadows Care Home have been impressed at the driving performance of the vehicle.

Jack Perry, HR Director adds: “The impact the TX Access has had on staff has been amazing. It’s so easy to drive, the turning circle is brilliant, and having the wheelchair ramp and step makes it far easier than any other company car to get residents out and about. Any other HR directors or managers looking to add to their fleet, I would highly recommend the TX Access.”

Emitting just 14g/km of CO2, The TX Access’ eCity technology, contributes to cleaner, greener and improved urban air quality, which is a significant positive for businesses like Thurlaston Meadows looking to improve its environmental responsibility.

Jonathan Perry explains: “We’re always looking at ways to be more sustainable and to lower our carbon footprint. The TX Access helps us with this because of its electric powertrain. The Care Quality Commission (CQC), our regulatory body, is now looking at care homes and assessing what our carbon footprint is. So, this is a great example we can show them how we’re trying to reduce our carbon footprint and be as eco-friendly as possible.”

“I would thoroughly recommend the TX Access to anyone in the care industry. Whether it be a care home or assisted living facility, it’s a great vehicle for getting people about with its wheelchair accessibility and electric powertrain,” Perry concludes.

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Transforming transportation at Thurlaston Meadows Care Home with TX Access

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